QuikChem 8500 Series 2 FIA System

Analysis Methods: FIA (Flow Injection Analysis) ; Integrated IC (Ion Chromatography)
Channels: Max. 5
Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Detector: Dual beam photometer (340-880 nm)
A/D Converter: 24 bit
Heating Unit: 25-160 ¨C
Valve: High-performance 6 port injection sample valve
Filter Type: Interference Filter
Reagent Pump: 12 and 16 positions controlled by software
Dilutor: Dilution Factor 1.6, 4000 steps
Accuracy and Reproducibility: 0.5%
Mixing Coil: Teflon Tubing
Flow Cell: 10 mm or 20 mm path length
(w x d x h)
5 channel unit= 27.60 x 24.03 x 9.90 in.
2 channel unit= 27.60 x 16.01 x 9.90 in.
Peak Measurement: Area/Height
Tube I.D.: 0.8 mm/0.5 mm
Injected Sample Volume: 2 ÁL - 250 ÁL
Sample Throughput: 90 tests/hour/channel
Data Quality Control: Real time closed-loop control of data quality
Hardware: PC included with system
Software: 32-bit Omnion 3.0; Data Quality Management enabled;
LIMS import/export capabilities; Multi-language supported

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.