QuikChem 8500 Series 2 FIA System

Precision Dilutor System (optional)
Lachat's autodilutor, the PDS200 uses a single, rather than dual, piston system to improve measurement speed. The PDS200's single piston is used in single mode for dilutions up to 100-fold, and in serial mode for dilutions above 100-fold. Controlling the movement of only a single piston improves the speed by 12% in single mode and 16% in serial mode, without sacrificing accuracy or precision. Carryover issues are not a concern, as the PDS200 allows for precision of less than 2.5% RSD and accuracy of less than 10% residual at 4000-fold dilutions. In addition, the PDS200 features easy to access tubing connections and is simple to clean and maintain.
» PDS200 Data Sheet  (PDF: 76KB)
Reagent Pump
The multichannel peristaltic cartridge pump is used to pump reagents onto the manifold. It also aspirates sample from the sampler to the injection valve. The sample is then loaded into the sample loop and swept onto the manifold by the carrier stream to mix with the reagents. The amount of reagents used by the methods is selected using different size pump tubes. The inner diameters of the color-coded pump tubes vary in a manner consistent with industry standards. The reagent pumps vary in size and number of cartridges, so you can order the pump size that suits your laboratory's requirements.
There are several sampler models to fit different budgets. The Omnion software is able to configure different types of sample and standards racks. Our ASX Series Autosamplers provide random access, which allows ample flexibility for positioning samples, standards and quality control samples (QC samples). Automatic recalibration of the system can be triggered if a check standard exceeds the quality control limits specified in the Omnion software by the user. The ASX Series Autosamplers can be used in conjunction with the PDS200 (Precision Dilutor System) to perform triggered or requested dilutions.
» ASX Series Autosamplers Data Sheet  (PDF: 111KB)
System Unit
The System Unit consists of the core unit and the sample processing modules (SPM). A sample processing module is also known as a channel. The QuikChem 8500 Series 2 System Unit may have up to five channels, which are able to run individually. Channels may include optional heating units. The heating unit use an aluminum block rather than a water or oil bath for maintaining temperatures. By changing the manifolds, you can run more than 500 QuikChem methods available for determining over 40 analytes, many of them in several matrices. It takes as little as five minutes to change a manifold making it quick and easy to run many different chemistries on the same System Unit. By offering different methods for different analytes, in different matrices, for different dynamic ranges, the System Unit offers maximum versatility to tailor the QuikChem Instrument to your laboratory's needs.
Computer System
Lachat provides your lab with a computer system, including a monitor, specified to meet your system configuration's needs. A printer for this system can be ordered separately. The Computer is loaded with Omnion FIA, a powerful software package from Lachat Instruments. The Windows™ based Omnion FIA software contains many features such as Quality Control capabilities, autodilution triggers and requests, custom reports, automatic logging of tasks, help screens, etc.